Old Folk

by Ghost Kid

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a hodgepodge of genres. what the actual fuck?


released February 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Ghost Kid New Brunswick, New Jersey

started in the early part of 2009, Ghost Kid was a way for me to make something out my millions of emotions that I had at the time. It still is. I hope you enjoy what you hear.

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Track Name: Shelf Life
I don't know
what I'm doing
but I left the coast
for an inside joke
where no one
knew my name

I could sleep
work all week
and come home
to someone I love

no one needs to know
your name
these days have been slow
working in the fall
and dear friends,
strangers with names
I forget.

faces I can't remember
faces I can't forget

good ones.

I could sleep again
someone in the land
where I want to be
connected to the trees.
Track Name: Blue Prizm
today, i was watching the news
and there was a child on there
i think he went to some public school in new york city
and he couldn’t form a sentence properly
but the school he went to was receiving an award for excellence
in education
and i thought to myself,
“maybe it’s time to shave my beard.”
but i opted to keep that beard.

and a mountain has come to
take my pain away
and a blue prizm is my
escape method

and I'm no Charlie Daniels
and the devil is not in Georgia
he's sleeping on my couch

and I'm scared sometimes
but I'll just sleep in the bed
if I have to

and there is no fiddle
there is no train taking you home

and there is no fiddle
and there is no train taking you home.
Track Name: Thoughts On Earmuffs
the days have become short
in between wasting time and having time wasted
I lost track of the in between months
of fall.
and you were supposed to come visit
but you didn’t
and I’m okay with it.
So I bundle up in seven hundred layers
walk the lonely walk
to work
to the apartment, I can’t quite call it home.
I cut across intersections,
that say “do not cross”
it’s all an adventure.
I sleep without blankets
or pillows
or clothing
or sleep.
I wake up with all of those things magically.
it scares me sometimes.

it’s been weird. I will tell you that.
Track Name: Grower
When I was kid
I was okay
not great, but getting by
and I was trying to look past
the things that were meant to
hold me back
and I didn't know
I didn't plan for anything
past the time, the days of my youth

and at times things are looking up
but it's so easy to trip up and fall back down

these days the sun is shining high
and the trees surround my heart
this garden could be my home
but there are always questions
and clouds surround
but I will continue to grow
yes I will continue to grow
and get taller and bigger and stronger

and at times things are looking up
but it's so easy to trip up and fall back down

so grow, so grow
so grow grow grow grow grow grow
grow away
so grow, so grow
so grow grow grow grow grow grow
grow away
grow away from this
and all will be forgotten.